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Suitable or inappropriate

Suitable or inappropriate

 I am learning English! So I dare to translate!

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Among the first changes that I make in my students’ thinking, is the replacement of nice / bad and good / bad pairs with the right / wrong pair.

An event may be pleasant to me but unpleasant to you.

The same behavior can be considered good by one person, but can have negative effects on another person. In the latter case, the behavior is considered bad, negative.

Now it’s good, then it was bad. Now it’s nice, then it was unpleasant!

It is not beautiful what is beautiful; it’s nice what I like!

Depending on a lot of factors, we can give so many interpretations. That’s why I use as much as I can: right or wrong.

At this point it is advisable to write faster because there is a time limit for you to complete the test. Calligraphy is not so important in this case, because it is possible to take your time to solve the exercises. So, to write calligraphically and slowly, it is inappropriate in this case.

In contrast, when one of the requirements of a test is even calligraphic writing, then, even if the writing speed is lower, in that case it is appropriate to take care of the way you write.

I believe that what every human being has at birth – as a temperament – is what is needed for that individual at a given moment. Therefore, rather than trying to change one’s personality, I find it more appropriate to help that person understand and realize when it is appropriate to look and use the different sides of his personality. Then we help him learn how to mask and control them for a certain period when their manifestation would be inappropriate. Proceeding in this way, we will also avoid the emergence of conscientious reprimands, at times when what we do has proved to be inappropriate, although the intention was good.

Begin to use the right and wrong words more often, both with yourself and those around you. You will discover that it creates no discomfort, no fear, no shame! They are permissive and forgiving! They can be good companions along the way, with which you will keep your old friends and bring new friends!

Dare to be you … the one who manifests itself according to the situation!


14 mai 2017

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